Migrating to heroku

I was very pleased to be able to migrate this app to heroku in about 50 minutes from initial signup. The only challenge was figuring out the heroku domains command and linking the CNAME record to the heroku apps. The CNAME record needs to point to appname.herokuapp.com. The app name is controlled through the heroku domains command. Next step is to have travis push to heroku upon a successful test

The commands i used included..

heroku domains:add www.ficonab.com
heroku apps
heroku ps
heroku apps:rename ficonab.com
heroku ps:scale web=1
git push heroku master
heroku logs -t
heroku domains:add pos.test.estormtech.com
heroku ps:scale smscworker=0

Adding a new site.

 heroku create
 heroku apps:rename estorm-sms

Forking a site.

 heroku fork -a yyy-xxx4d estorm-xxx3d
 heroku info -a xxx-lotto2d
 git remote add xxx-xxx3d git@heroku.com:estorm-xxx3d.git